How to Inspect a House for Rodent Entry Holes

Nothing is as difficult to deal with as rats the moment they enter into your house. They multiply really first and chew anything that they can chew in that particular place. Homeowners have been faced with very many challenges when it comes to rodents but if well managed, they can be gotten rid of within a day or less. The first thing that should be considered in the management procedures lists is to identify all their entry holes and block them completely. Failure to block them, they will keep coming back after they have been gotten rid of. Be prepared that a bigger house will be very challenging and cumbersome when locating the entry holes, but all the same, our experts are equal to the task. 

The obvious areas of the house to be inspected includes the kitchen, vents, cupboards, walls, ceiling, and so on and so forth.  To carry out a successful procedure, you should consider the following:

    Do you have basic knowledge of rodent biology?

It is important that you are well equipped with the knowledge of their nature, habitat, diet, behavior, and appearance. All that will really help you to locate exactly where their entries could be in the house. 

    Do you have knowledge of the architectural design of your house? 

This is also an important factor. With this knowledge, you will be able to identify all the hidden spots and holes within your house. Clearly, they use these holes to get into your house. 

    Look out for all the signs that may indicate their presence. 

It is very important to be able to know all the factors that may indicate their presence. These signs include the scratch marks, foul odor, fecal remains, damage signs and weird sounds. All these signs should be kept for final investigation. 


Use a ladder to inspect the exterior of your home such as the roof, vents, etc. it is also very important to inspect the attic, check through all the tight corners to find entry holes and make all the possible repairs. It is very crucial that you find all the entry points and work on them to prevent their entry and further house damage. 


With all that observation, all homeowners should ensure that they check everywhere in the house such as the vents, foundation, roofs, etc. any place or corner within your house with a hole no matter how small can be an entry point. Believe me or not but rats can use the tiniest hole to pass through. Rodents only need a small space where their heads can fit and later squeeze through their body. In cases where the hole is very tiny for them, they will slowly enlarge it and make an entry inside. Another key factor is that these rodents will not be out there actively trying to get inside your house, they are attracted by factors such as darkness and warmth. 

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