Is it okay to bury a dog in the backyard

Death of the dog always results in a big loss for the dog lovers. The dog and a man can have a strong relationship of love and companionship. Most of the time the dog owners want to get their dead dogs buried in their backyard. Whether, to memorize them or sometimes due to other reasons. Also burying is the easiest solution to get your dead dog disposed of. But here the question is; is burying in the backyard the right way to dispose of your dead dog.

Pre burial

Although you should never delay the disposal of the dead dog, but if somehow it happens, the body should be kept in the cold storage before disposing of it. Maximum difference should be maintained from the body to avoid several germs. Safety hand gloves and other precautionary measures should be taken while touching the dead body.

Should I burry dead dog in the backyard?

Burying down your dead dog is the easiest option but it is not the right option.

If the dog buried has died due to some fatal disease, it can be hazardous for other animals that live underground or even on that ground or near it.

Along with other animals, it could also spread some viruses among the people living in the house in which the backyard the dog is buried.

Another reason due to which dog shouldn’t be buried in the backyard is that if there is any water linkage sewage near the area where the dog is buried, the germs produced from the dead body can pollute the water.

What to do instead?

Instead of burying your dead dog in your backyard, there several other options that should be opted to avoid above mentioned dangers. These other options are not free of costs; these other services are carried on by different organizations with varied prices. Some of these options include:

  • Burring in pet cemeteries
  • Cremation
  • Rendering of dead dogs
  • Donating the bodies to veterinary hospitals, etc.

Pet burial law

Due to the rapidly increasing population of the world, the need to regulate different laws has increased. To manage property and land disputes and to control the environmental pollution, different states have inaugurated different pet burial laws. In some regions, it is considered illegal and punishable to get your dead pet buried in your backyard. According to Missouri’s department of natural resources; the pet should be buried at least 50 feet away from the property lines, 300 feet from the neighbors’ residence, water intake structures and springs or sinkholes.


Back yard burial is an option but not the correct one. The risk to bury your dog in the back yard should be avoided. Several different options could be helpful in this situation but is it could be hazardous in many ways so it should be eschewed. 

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